Find hardware eventsΒΆ

The ThinkPad X220 Tablet has a hardware sensor that registers when the screen is turned around. To find the code of the event, use acpi_listen:

$ acpi_listen
video/tabletmode TBLT 0000008A 00000001
video/tabletmode TBLT 0000008A 00000000

I started the command, turned the screen around, flipped it onto the keyboard and back again.

This then goes into an ACPI hook file like so:

event=video/tabletmode TBLT 0000008A 0000000[01]
action=/usr/bin/thinkpad-rotate-hook %e

If you give us the output of acpi_listen, we can try to get the hardware event working for you. The hook in tps/ needs to be made aware of the hardware keys as well in order to decide which action to take.