migrates the config from versions 3.x to 4.x

Author:Martin Ueding <>
Manual section:1




The versions 3.x and before of thinkpad-scripts were Bash shell scripts. The configuration files also were shell scripts that the main script would source (execute within the main script) to set the configuration values.

With version 4.0, the complete project was rewritten in Python 3. The configuration format was changed to INI since the Python standard library ships the configparser module to handle those easily.

Users of the old version with configurations should be able to convert this into the new format with this tool. Since the 3.x configuration files could be programs really, there is no perfect way to parse them and turn them into INI files. This program tries to parse it and should work fine if your configuration file consists of simple variable assignments.

It will read the files ~/.config/thinkpad-scripts/ and ~/.config/thinkpad-scripts/ and interpret them. All the errors will be shown as well as the configuration that is understood. You will be prompted whether to actually save the new configuration.


This program does not take any options.


This file is part of thinkpad-scripts by Martin Ueding and Jim Turner.

We hope that this collection of scripts is useful to you. If you experience bugs, find the documentation lacking or have a new kind of hardware that we do not yet support, feel free to open an issue on GitHub or write an email to Martin Ueding.