thinkpad-scripts: Scripts for ThinkPad X220 Tablet rotation, docking, etc.

Welcome to the documentation for thinkpad-scripts, a set of scripts to automate a variety of tasks on the ThinkPad X220 Tablet.

If you want to get thinkpad-scripts up an running, then check out the Getting Started guide.

In case you already have thinkpad-scripts set up and just want a quick reference, see the manual pages.

Should there be something working unlike it should on your system and you can’t figure out a solution from the documentation, check the issue tracker to see if it is a known problem. If it’s not there, please create a new issue on the issue tracker.

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Short introduction

This collection of scripts is intended for the Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet. You can still use them with the regular X220 machine, but only thinkpad-rotate will probably be useless for you then. I think that most scripts will also be handy for other ThinkPad models, I have not tested them though.

In short, this script fixes or improves the following:

  1. Rotation of the internal screen and any Wacom touch and pen input devices using the bezel buttons or physical screen rotation
  2. Get the microphone mute button to work.
  3. Automatically use any external monitor, speakers and LAN connection when docking onto an UltraBase or similar.
  4. Ability to disable touch pad or touch screen.