ThinkPad TouchPad toggle script

Author:Martin Ueding <>
Manual section:1




This scripts toggles the TrackPad. It is designed to work on ThinkPads, but it will probably work on almost all laptops.



If you want to enable the touchpad, use on. Otherwise use off.

If you omit this option, the script will toggle the touchpad on/off.


In the configuration file, you can set the xinput name of the touchpad. The ThinkPad X220 Tablet has SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad for instance. The default configuration option is just TouchPad to be rather general. This is how you change it in the configuration:

touchpad_device = TouchPad


This file is part of thinkpad-scripts by Martin Ueding and Jim Turner.

We hope that this collection of scripts is useful to you. If you experience bugs, find the documentation lacking or have a new kind of hardware that we do not yet support, feel free to open an issue on GitHub or write an email to Martin Ueding.